Home Cooling Systems

Despite your first thought for cooling may be air conditioning, many alternatives provide cooling with less energy use. A combination of proper energy-efficient windows and doors, insulation, daylighting, and shading, along with ventilation will usually keep your house cool with a minimum of energy use. Although ventilation should be avoided in humid and hot climates, other approaches can significantly reduce the need to use air conditioning.

When it comes to cooling your home, there are a number of options beyond air conditioning.

Ventilation Systems for Cooling

Learn how to avoid heat buildup and keep your home cool with ventilation.

Fans for Cooling

Well-placed fans are sufficient to maintain comfort during the cooling season.

Cooling with a Whole House Fan

In combination with other cooling systems, a whole-house fan can meet all or most of your home cooling needs.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners work like refrigerators transferring heat from the interior of your house to the outside.

Evaporative Coolers

In warm climates with low humidity, evaporative coolers can be a cost-effective cooling strategy.