Since 1995, PRICELESS RESOURCE has been helping our customers build a better world making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent.

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    PRICELESS RESOURCE Inc. was founded in 1995 as a consumer electronics distributor based in New York City. The company has been dedicated to doing business in a very straightforward way through the development of deep and meaningful relationships with suppliers and customers. When you engage in business transactions with PRICELESS RESOURCE, you receive personalized service with the utmost care provided by our attentive and skilled representatives. Our customers remain with us because we treat them with respect and value their business.

    PRICELESS RESOURCE offers a variety of services to meet the varying aspects of our customers’ needs including distribution, sourcing, inventory management, and brand management. With offices located in Brooklyn (NY), Boston (MA), Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX), Kansas City (MI), and Shenzhen (China) we are prepared to serve our customers around the globe.

    Company Overview

    Today the company principally operates through three primary segments — Distribution Industries & Transportation, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industries. PRICELESS RESOURCE provides financing and related services to innovations that make the world better.

    Company Net Value

    Founder’s Note

    PRICELESS RESOURCE is on a mission to bring innovation into today’s world!!!

    We started our journey as a consumer electronics distributor and were lucky enough to be successful for over 25 years all across the country. As we learned more about what people want, we have refined our vision. With that, we decided to refresh how we look to better suit what our customers are looking for.

    When entrepreneurs or professionals seek my advice, I usually tell them to initiate the change they would like to see in the world. PRICELESS RESOURCE is my attempt to be the change I want to see in the world by realizing the value of opportunities. 

    PRICELESS RESOURCE is my effort to create a healthier, equitable, and more harmonized power balance in the world bringing energy efficiency together with distributed energy resources to deliver guaranteed energy cost savings to you.

    President: Isaac Meisels


    Meet the Dream Team

    The company team is unique and has been together for many years working endlessly to make a difference. We are here to make you successful!

    Before you feel tempted to click on one of our great services and products, you may want to know why we at PRICELESS RESOURCE seem to care so much about your business. 

    We see mankind’s future as very bright and prosperous. We want you to be part of that and you are one of the architects of your bright future.

    So we care about your company and want to see you soar!!!